How to Manually Install Drivers - SCT


If a Tuner was plugged in before the software was installed it may be necessary to install the drivers manually. A sign of this is if you see Errors coming up when trying to use the functions of the X3/Livewire Updater. "Device Communication Failed" “Failed to Write Data” "Connect Livewire" or others.

To Check this out, have the tuner plugged in. 

First confirm the SCT programmer is securely connected on both the programmer usb port and the computer usb port.

If you are still receiving this error, disconnect the usb from the computer and reconnect to a different usb port. Give time for the drivers to install. 

If you are still receiving this error you will need to manually update/install the drivers in the device manager. 
To enter the device manger, click on the windows start icon, for XP computers click on run, for windows 7 simply type in the search bar: DEVMGMT.MSC, again that is DEVMGMT.MSC. 

Once the device manager is open, look for any icons with a yellow question mark or exclamation mark on them. 

Right click on the item listed next to the yellow mark, and select Update Driver.

At the question: Can Windows connect to Windows Update to Search for Software, select No, Not this time, click next.

At the question: What do you want the wizard to do, select Install the software automatically. Wait for the driver install to complete, accepting any pop ups that appear. 

Drivers should now be installed and the software should work properly.

NOTE: This will only work if the software has been installed. 

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