How to prepare your Lund Racing Ecoboost Flasher for First Time Use


You will need to follow the below instructions in order to collect the information once you receive the device. The software you install will also be the software used for downloading the tune(s) we send and any updates in the future. When you click "Update Tuner" in the software with the device plugged into the PC, it will auto download any firmware updates along with any tune updates we may have.


1. Connect the tuner device to the vehicle’s OBD-II port underneath the dash, it will get DTCs, Calibration ID, VIN, then a “No Tunes Loaded” error message should appear.

2. Download and install the Tuner Update Application from here -

Once installed, Open the Tuner Update Application PC software.

3. Connect loader device to the PC

4. Click on Tools>Get Tuner Status Information

5. Click “Copy Info to ClipBoard” and paste this information into your current support ticket that was opened when you placed your order.

Once we receive that information from you, we will upload your tune to the server and reply to let you know your tunes are ready. Then just plug your device back in, open the Update program and hit "Update Tuner". This will download your Lund Racing tunes. When complete, plug the device back into your vehicle and follow the directions to flash the vehicle. 

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