How to datalog if you have a X3/X4 /BDX handheld device 

*You must have a PC laptop for this to work. 

1) Download Livelink GenII If you do not already have this program downloaded to you PC . Here is the link for downloading -

2) Once the program is downloaded you will want to open the program and wait till the first list of options pops up. Once they do click on the first option that says “I want to datalog a vehicle” 


3) Plug in the USB provided cable to your handheld as well as plug in the other end to the computer (steps of each are in the photos below)


Step 1                                                                       

Step 2 


Step 3 



4) You will need to plug the SCT handheld device that has the black thick cord attached to it to the vehicles OBD-II port. This port is located under the dash. If you are sitting in the driver seat this port will be just in front of the left knee. Feel around with your hand if needed or look under to get an idea. See this photo where the handheld is plugged in at. Right near the hood pop latch-


5) Next, once all cables are plugged in ,Livelink Gen II is open, and the handheld is plugged into the vehicles OBD-II port then YOU MAY START THE VEHICLE.

6) Press the “check communication” tab so the log can read data through the cars OBD II port as seen here-

7) You will now want to click the button labeled “vehicle info” in the right hand corner as seen here-

8) Next- in the right hand corner you will see a tab called "select items"  click that tab as seen below and let it load.

9) To get the datalog going you will need to manually select by clicking on the parameters OR use a Config file sent to you by us. Parameters are listed under the 1st NAME field as well. These will be the parameters we specifically told you to select. When using a Config file, simply click 'Load Config' in the 'Chart Gauges' section, and select the file we've sent to you.


10) One all parameters are selected you are ready to log. You will find the button in the right hand corner labeled “configure datalog” 

11) Now you are ready to log data that we requested. You will want to click a button labeled in the photo. It looks like a device icon with a GREEN button( this will start the data logging process) Click this when you are ready to start the log. 

12) Once you complete the log with what we requested all you have to do is click the RED button which is labeled in the photo below 

13) Once you are done logging and you have stopped the log you will want to press the button labeled “save all” as seen below. This is vital to do. We need it you to press "save all ". Make sure to save this file on your computer and remember where it is before sending to us so you can accurately find the file and attach it to your reply back to us.

14) Now you can send the datalog file to us via a reply back to your last communication with us or by opening a new support ticket ( ). If you do open a new support ticket due to not finding your last communication with us then make sure to be clear about who you are ( EX: First and last name and your device serial number ).

Thank you for using Lund Racing and doing the datalog process. We do greatly appreciate your business and time taken to do this process. We will be in touch shortly.   
-This information contained in this document is the property of Lund Racing-