LRX Updater v2.966


This is for the LRX device Updater software. The download link for the ZIP file is at the bottom of this page. Please scroll down to download and Unzip it to your computer before proceeding.


After unzipping the file, you will double click Setup.exe to install. You can search your computer for LRX Updater to save a shortcut on your desktop or taskbar, or navigate to your Program Files > Lund Racing and you'll see the LRX Updater folder there and you can create a shortcut from that. 


Once installed and program is open, you can plug your LRX device in and it will Auto Connect. If it fails to, then unplug the device, close and reopen the software and repeat the process. 


Once it's connected it will automatically sync to the cloud to upload or download files. To force it to upload/download just click Update. 


You can't download your own log files natively right now. They can only be downloaded by us via the cloud. So don't worry about the Log Files tab for now.


After you datalog with the device you would connect it back up and repeat that process and it will auto-sync it to the Cloud server for us to download. Just PLEASE LET US KNOW AFTER YOU HAVE SYNCED so that we have notification to go check - otherwise we will NOT know that you've uploaded anything as we are NOT notified of this action. 


When we upload tune files you will repeat the update process and see those tune files in the Vehicle Files list. You would then plug the device into your OBDII port in the vehicle and follow the onscreen prompts to flash it via the "Programming" menu.