Lund nGauge Firmware Files From The Past On To The Present


These files below are Firmware files from the past and up to the current.  These are typically needed if your device is stating your firmware is missing on the screen . If your device claims it is missing a firmware but you see the firmware on the SD card then please delete it and add the one that its stating it is missing below. While you are at that please put the most recent one on the SD card too (which is Firmware 326)

Once you are done with that your device should power up past the main screen. If it does not then please email us at 

If it does power past the main screen then go ahead and press DIAGNOSTICS then press SETTINGS then press UPDATE FROM SD and it should find the most recent firmware and continue to update the unit 


NOTE- if you decide to get a NEW SD card due to losing your original , then please make sure it is not larger than 8GB or the SD card will not work properly