Remote Tuning Session


Remote Tuning sessions are for required all power adder (including nitrous) and extreme naturally aspirated vehicles. This session includes full datalogging support to dial in the modifications done to the vehicle. We will look at the logs and send revisions until the tune is dialed in for your vehicle.

Remote tuning sessions cost $800 if you already have a flash device. Remote sessions will carry a fee of $500 if you have already purchased a tune directly from Lund Racing, or from one of our dealers. After they purchase a full remote session at $500 value and add a fuel system or change injectors, but don’t change initial power adder it was tuned for, then it'll carry a fee of $250. For minor changes to the existing setup outside 6-months is $150. To learn more about Tune Revisions please click here. New power adder combinations will require a $500 remote session regardless of revision period. These add-on purchases will not add onto any existing 6-month revision subscription. It will reset the 6- month window with a start date of the initial add-on tune delivery. 

We require full disclosure of the modifications done to the vehicle and will review and suggest changes to be made (if required) before tuning the vehicle. This is to ensure that the vehicle will achieve proper horsepower goals and have the best driveability possible.

The basic process for remote tuning is:

  • We create and send a base startup tune via e-mail along with datalog instructions.
  • You will datalog initial logs for us as instructed. This usually entails and idle, neutral rev, and cruise log so we can review and dial in all part throttle events before proceeding to wide open throttle tuning.
  • After a possible few datalogs and revisions back and forth, we will instruct when we are ready for wide open throttle (WOT) tuning. On all 2011+ Mustangs and Trucks they are equipped with OEM wideband O2 sensors. This provides us the ability to see Air/Fuel data directly in the datalog. On vehicles not equipped with OEM widebands, we will need to be able to see Air/Fuel data whether it is via an aftermarket wideband sensor and having the signal analogged from a 0-5V output through the flash device into the logging software, or via a dyno and reviewing the air/fuel data plotted on the dyno graph. This can all be discussed further with us prior to completing the WOT portion of the tuning. If a dyno is utilized, it will need to be scheduled with us ahead of time so we can ensure we are available.

If you have any questions, please go to our support site at, sign up, and submit a request.

Note: International Remote Tuning Sessions will carry an additional fee due to possible time differences and language barriers.

As always, please contact us before placing an order if you have any questions.